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Island Textile Company  provides  interior design and decoration services for homes, offices.  We can assist you in adding an ethnic or period theme to a room or an entire house.  We are comfortable with a variety of textile products used on furniture, walls, windows, floors and community spaces.  The first 45 minutes of consultation is free!  Please call for an appointment.  Products include art quilts, slip covers, pillows and seat cushions, bed linens, table linens and window treatments.


Island Textile Company makes embellished coats,  hats, jackets, shirts, scarves, and special occasion dresses.  Most of these products are one of a kind or very limited editions.  (maybe 3 ).  Some products you may purchase from this website while others will require a down payment and will take a few weeks to be made and sent to you.  Call me to discuss your needs.  


Island Textile Company artisans are men and women who love to sew.  The products in this section include  Add some text here and double click the image to add an image for your services.  These products include tote bags, hats, folk dolls, costumes,  purses,  and some soft toys.  Imports from Africa, South America, Mexico and Native American communities will also be featured on this site.  Come back often, things are always changing!